Is he shy or just not interested?

so I like this kid but I can’t tell if he’s just shy or not interested. We met through a mutual friend (and we added each other on sc) and it started from there. We then started FaceTiming for hours at a time like to 5 in the morning. But sometimes when I text him he takes forever to reply. When we FaceTime i think he lowkey flirts but I’m not sure like he had this squishy toy and I wanted to know what was inside and I asked him if he could cut it open and he said he would for me 😂 . But I can’t tell if we’re friends or he’s just shy. His best friend is dating mine and she told me that the kids best friend said he’s bad around girls, but he isn’t bad on FaceTime (we haven’t met irl yet) but sometimes it takes actuslly forever for him to reply but he is usually playing fortnite but I don’t know if it’s because he’s shy or just not interested , I’m tired of mixed signals.
1 y
also how do I initiate to hang out I don’t wanna ask to hang out then him not be interested and blow me off
Is he shy or just not interested?
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