Should I be worried if he started to follow his ex on Instagram?

At this moment him and I are not together because we had a argument mid April and he decided to "be done with me" over the past months our relationship been having breakups but more like space because we always come to one another after time past. We been together for almost 7 years. Lately we would have a lot of stupid arguments and this is why once again we broke up. It was one of those drunk arguments and I had some fault.

i tried my best to fix the problem the next day but he was fed up with all the little arguments we had. After the 3 week of not talking I decided to text him and tell him I was sorry he replied back and we would text about the problems we had and discuss through txtn. Until we kinda of less that topic away and now he has been text me 2 weeks straight making conversation and asking me how am I. He hasn't officially said he wants to see me or get back but we have been talking good.

Today I saw that he is following one of his ex girlfriend and later the night she Is following him. She has a boyfriend and has pictures with him and they seem to be happy but I just can't help to feel sad that they might be talking. Why would he do that if he is talking to me? Deep down he knows I want us back because I told him. I couldn't help to ask him how do u feel txt? Just right after I saw his ex following him back. And he told me that he feels okay then he said he happy to text me because he missed me but I made him feel some way. ah I just don't knw what to feel.
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*How do you feel text me?
Should I be worried if he started to follow his ex on Instagram?
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