#Help #please #friendzoned? #Does he like me Does he like me?

We have been friends since the beginning of the academic year, and we are really close. We chill out every week and he has come to my house. We generally go to Starbucks and chill out. We speak about anything and everything. He has even seen baby pictures of me. He is not a really big text or caller but we do text every once in a while, but arrange to chill every week.

From time to time I do see him watching me across the room, like one time I caught him looking at me then we started pulling faces at each other. I’ve nicknamed him Michelle and he calls me Elsa. ( Dunno why, just stuck)
He has complimented me before and said that my name sounds like a super hero, but if he has given any subtle compliments I haven’t nothing noticed. He has brought me games and offered to help me out if I’m ever in a financial crisis and has also offered to help decorate my flat.

We have had talks about relationships, like I’ve asked how would he think he would be as a parent to which he said he doesn’t want kids at the moment. I’ve also asked about if he is looking for love and he said it isn’t something he is desperately searching for but if It happens then great but if it doesn’t then I would really bother him.

I have met his mom and heard about his family history a little and to some extent he has opened up to me. He has told me stuff like his fears and his goals for the next 5 years. He even wanted me to ask the relationship questions in the game we was playing

I really don’t know what is going on. Does he like me?
Yes, OMG how can you not see that he likes you
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He seems like his on the fence about this shizznit
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#Help #please #friendzoned? #Does he like me Does he like me?
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