Why are the guys on GaG nicer to other guys than they are to the girls?

I know somebody out there is going to call bullshit after reading the title alone, but just hear me out, please.

It typically happened on the divisive topics (i. e. Girl's behavior, Guy's behavior, Sexual behavior, Society and Culture). At first, this started as an observation. If I shared one of my more unpopular opinions on one of the above topics, I've noticed that the majority of the guys who responded to me had a tendency to call me all sorts of names (dumb bitch, cunt, feminazi, etc.) I wanted to test this out to make sure that it was just me and my way of thinking, rather than my gender. So, I used one of my spare email accounts to create a blue GaG (I'm certain I'm not the first girl to do this, but anyway) and posted similar unpopular opinions on other people's questions under those same topics. On my blue account: I was ignored by the other guys at worst, and agreed with by the other guys at best. Okay...

So are the guys on here just utilizing this site to release their bitterness towards women, or is this a coincidence? Serious answers only please.
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My main point here was that they were more cordial with me when they thought I was a guy, than when I used the account that correlated to my actual gender.
Why are the guys on GaG nicer to other guys than they are to the girls?
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