He is (or was (?)) a player, should I give him a chance?

He used to date many girls. And by dating I mean - max a month with a girl (probably until he gets what he wants). He used to be in nighclubs often and end up with one night stands.

But he is different with me. We know each other for 4 years. And recently we started to hang out, just as friends. But I feel like there is this sexual tention between us. He said that the last time when he was in a nightclub was 3months ago (and it was with me). He said that he is not interested in that anymore. And yesterday we were in a party with friends. And he kissed me for the first time. And I kissed him back. We were both a bit drunk tho. I like him. But I dont want to be hurt.

Do people really change?
1 y
Im not going to jump into smth more than friends now. And he knows that. We talk about these things often. He said that he's sorry for his past behavior, he said that he was young and dumb (he's 22 now, so he's still young lol. Im 20, btw), he has never been in serious relationship and he said that he wants to be in one (it happened maybe a month ago). As far as I know, he stopped his games 6 months ago, and we started to hang out 5 months ago, when he texted me out of the blue to catch up.
He is (or was (?)) a player, should I give him a chance?
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