GUYS, why are we JUST FRIENDS?

Around 2.5 years ago I met a guy on Tinder, we chatted a bit and had playful banter with each other. At the time we were both very busy and our schedules rarely matched as he was a finance guy and I was a flight attendant.

we finally met at one of his friends birthday parties, he and all his friends were drunk by the time I got there and he was too much for me being sober... I ended up leaving upset and thinking I wouldn't see him again.. we kept each other on snapchat and kept occasionally peering into each other's life.

A few months passed and I moved into a new place and invited him over to have dinner. It was such a great night, we had great chemistry. at this time I GUESS you could say this was a date but we weren't dating.. just finally found time for each other. I started realizing then how much I liked him, I went on a flight the next day and was gone for a week.

A couple weeks after I came back, I tried to see if he was free to meet again but he told me he had decided to date someone and he didn't want to cross boundaries. He stressed that he still wanted to be friends. I was crushed but once again, we still kept in each other's life with snapchat even after I moved away. We have both been in relationships and out of them and have even talked with each other about what went wrong in them.

Now it is 2 and a half years later and he has told me he will be visiting my city in a couple weeks and wants to meet. I can't believe we are meeting again after everything..

I want to ask primarily the GUYS, what do you think is going on between us? Is it normal to be friends with someone for years that there is an attraction with or do you think there is more than a friendly connection here? Do you think that he is not into me or we just simply met at the wrong time before.. In many ways, we are so similar and I think we would really click together so I'm confused why we haven't taken the next step.
GUYS, why are we JUST FRIENDS?
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