Should I trust him?

He's someone I met on a sketchy chat site two summers ago. We started "long distance dating" after a while and it didn't last more than 2-3 months. He was bad at opening up and I always felt incredibly alone. He can be really minimal in his responses and only ever really gets lengthy if it's about video games or it's sexual. We recently got back in contact bc I'm unfort super connected to him still and see the good in him... Howver notice he still has a profile on that app even though he said he doesn't use it anymore... It's legit a new username and everything too but I don't know if it's active. He has a bunch of younger girls added and on commented on his profile with "I love you daddy!" -_- it's very aggitating and I'm afraid to question him bc it could be old... Since we're no-labels and aren't even really dating he still chats boys and he sent me a screen of this one young guy's Snapchat photo saying "[redacted me daddy!" LIKE WTF? Ik he's highly sexual (and bi like me), and I dont condemn him for it, but it makes me feel so small.

Like... He claims to "love" me and he always says the same things. I searched his old reddit and noticed his comments in NSFW subreddits... He says all the same things he says to me, when we talk about "that stuff", to other girls on their posts. I kind of want to cut off contact even though he recently a wk ago decided to cut back and try to be his old self... To get over his addiction. I told him there's no way in hell I'm sending him stuff (after seeing that Snapchat) because it feels dirty. I only ever did with him because he was the first person I trusted and felt so much towards... I feel really dumb for it but I can't take any of it back. It would suck to cut contact though as 1) I still do like him and he knows so much about me 2) I dont want him to blackmail me in the future or something :(
Should I trust him?
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