Guys opinions?🙁?

There is a guy who I’ve a crush on. He comes across very sweet and shows interest in me in person.

However we have not contacted each other. I haven’t seen him or spoke in 4 weeks.

The last time I seen him was at a barn dance and it was so cute. We were all over each other the whole night and he kissed my forehead. I said to him I’m going home and he said give me a kiss.
So yeah I texted him the day after it was near 9pm. I found it hard to make conversation so I haven’t spoke since even though I want to.

i could text all the time but I don’t want to ruin my chances.
So should I confront him when I see him out again or not as if I say to him mid way kissing why don’t you text me will he have the urge not to text me then.

We matched on tinder this week but doesn’t really mean anything

what shall I do 

if he just wanted me for sex he would’ve made it known maybe as a boy I know showed signs of this and I ignored. Only texting me last at night wanting me out etc
Guys opinions?🙁?
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