Male friend is weird?

We are good friends and him and I were going out as he was taking me to watch a show. he's affectionate so he always gives hugs and touches me by the shoulder and will even give pecks on forehead/cheeks but he is like this to every girl.
Anyway, I noticed that before we were leaving, I was talking a lot to our other male friends (we have a group of mutual friends) and he was basically not paying attention to anything I was saying. He just stood there , immersed in his own thoughts, looking here and there and then started talking to other guys and helping a guy fix his bike.

Then as we left, he began talking on phone and though we had a good time and had dinner with our friends at his house.

But why doesn't he pay much attention? I mean I wanted him to look at me and take interest in my behaviours but he doesn't do that seriously. Why?
Male friend is weird?
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