Are guy's attention seekers?

I can explain this in many forms but I've noticed lately but men love to be the centre of attention and are constantly trying to get people to notice them.

One example is the guy who always likes to be the clown. When he notices their friends are around he'll act stupid and as if he doesn't know what he's doing. One example was at work my manger told a staff member to put on a high vis jacket so he came walking back in with all of the high vis jackets all over him and pretended that what he thought he ment when he told him to put one on. Clearly he's not that stupid he just wanted people to look at him and think he was funny or why couldn't he just do his job and put on one. But once you ignore them they come running back like a little puppy and get upset when you don't pay them attention.

Second his the tease. Guys who flirt and lead on girls they don't even like and sometimes it can be in a friend situation as well he'll pretend to be interested and as if he cares but once you actually need him, he doesn't want anything to do with you and acts as if your over clingy and obsessed with them.

The hyper guy. The kinda guy who loves to sign frozen as badly as possible and constantly makes loud sound and noises.

I know there's women out there as well who love the stop light but most girls I know hate being the centre of attention and the guys love it.
Are guy's attention seekers?
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