Why did my male friend give me that?

So today, I was studying with a good male friend of mine on campus.
We've been studying together the whole exam period, on campus or in a library, syncronizing our breaks so we'd have some social contact :')
In the past, I've had the suspicion that he might see me as more than a friend, but the way he reacted to me having a date with someone made me rethink that. Since then, I assumed he saw me exactly as I saw him: a good friend.
We're both very weird and have long nonsensical conversations. A running joke and something our conversations are about a lot is communism. We would start singing the soviet anthem at random times, for example.

Well, today I got home and a wrapped present fell out of my bag, saying 'You know wo it's from ;p'. It contained the Communist Manifest. I thought it was hilarious and a really good present, but I'm a bit confused as to why he'd give me a present. We don't even have a habit of giving birthday gifts to each other, let alone random presents. I started thinking he probably saw it somewhere and thought it would be nice, but I'm not sure.

Opinions on this?
Why did my male friend give me that?
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