How can girls tell when a guy likes them?

Does it sound like he likes me? I don’t know him but I see him whenever I go to his job (mall)
All of these signs HE started which made me notice him more and more!

1. Glances at me and looks away when I catch him
2. Stares and maintains eye contact if I catch him
3. Small smiles when we make eye contact
4. Looks at me, looks down at floor, looks back at me waits for me to make eye contact with him and he smiles
5. Complimented me, he said I smelled really good
6. Goes out of his way to walk by me and walks a lot in front of me
7. His co worker asked if i worked at the mall and then a week later my crush asked if I still worked at the mall when he KNOWS I don’t. I’ve never given a reason for him to THINK I work there. So I don't know what that was about. And I don’t think he was just making a friendly convo because there was a big line behind me so that was weird.
8. If he sees me he starts walking around nervous like he’s trying to find something to do lol.
How can girls tell when a guy likes them?
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