How much does he even like me (POINT FORM) ?

How much does he even like me (POINT FORM) ?
We're not dating and don't know each other in real life.

- I asked if he was okay b/c he talked about having a panic attack on his story. He said he was ok and sorry for making me worry. I told him not to apologize and I hope that he knows lots of people care about him, etc. And he says thanks babe, I'm glad your mine.

- I asked where he was going out with his friends that night. He said he wishes he was getting closer to me, (we live in different parts of the country) but he was just going to subway. and then he said something about how I "had my claws in him ;) "

-reminded me that he was moving to my side of the country in little over a year. he said he's staying 2-5 years but he's taking me if he went anywhere else

-offers to take me on a proper date, and that we should talk on the phone for now.

-The next day, I wake up and he sends me a selfie in his bed, then I send him some selfies, kinda random I look like shit, and he replayed them and said I was hot asf, and I complimented him as well

-He started off calling me little one, and then he started calling me babe (for a few weeks) and now he calls me love, and miss

-I Know for a fact he's attracted to me sexually

- I sent him a video of me singing along to a funny song, and he said " Omg, xD I haven't heart that song in ages" I said he should sing along with me next time and that singing is kinda my thang lol. He said "Couldn't tell xD. You are a potato love"

-He has given me well over 5 nicknames over 5 weeks (Babe, love, miss, little one, sexy, little girl, hottie, beautiful, etc) I tell him I like them to which he says: They fit you just like you’ll fit in my arms.

One time I got annoyed that he ignored me for a week without and explanation. He was mad that I was mad at him and offered that we stop talking. I told him I wanted to keep talking and he admitted that he was being too anti social. That's pretty much it, and I really like him.
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How much does he even like me (POINT FORM) ?
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