What’s up with this guy?

We’ve been very close friends with this one guy for about 3 years. We spent 5 months with eachother, working and thanks to being together for every single day we got way too close. Then something happened and I think both of us got a bit scared when we both felt that there was something more. We stopped talking the way we used to, but now whenever we go somewhere together in a bigger group of friends, we always end up sleeping together in one bed or something like this but almost without any talking. Then we wake up in the morning, acting like nothing happened every single time. It makes me go crazy, I was lying to myself for a pretty long time, thinking I shouldn’t pay attention to it, but it’s with me all the time.
Recently he said he trusts me a lot. Considering that he has some serious trust issues, it means a lot to me. But then there comes a day when he’s just ignoring me, talking loudly about other girls and I feel so stupid. I just wish I could get over him but in 2 weeks I’m leaving for two months and I’m not going to see him. And I know I will miss him
I just don’t know what to do. I don’t think we could ever talk about it out loud. It all just sucks
What’s up with this guy?
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