Guys, what does it mean when a guy does this?

I have a guy friend (classmate) who doesn't interact much with girls and even said that no girl attracts him (a few months ago) and recently he found out that I was playing a particular game which he often plays too (pubg) and wanted to play it with me online.

One day, as I was playing the game, he saw me online and asked me to message him when I'm done so he can join me. When I was done he just started the game the game (2 minutes?). I played with him too yesterday.

*I replaced my name with 'anon' for the first line*

[6/12, 3:02 PM] Guy friend: Anon did you rank up or rank down from yesterday?
[6/12, 3:02 PM] Guy friend: by the way tell me when you're done
[6/12, 3:02 PM] Guy friend: I wanna play oso
[6/12, 3:31 PM] Me: I'm done
[6/12, 3:33 PM] Guy friend: Ok sweetie wait I'm almost done

*oso is the short form for also*

After that, he immediately became idle (probably sucided in the game or exit it) his game to join mine. Alright, I'll just get to the point. I don't really understand what he meant in the last line of the convo, especially as he's who doesn't interact much with girls (somedays, never) and has never flirt with girls in school. I've asked several people and some said that it's normal and means nothing at all and some said that he's flirting. *ps: it's the first time he had ever called me sweetie ans the first time seeing him say that*

As I'm new to such things, please give me some advice if possible. Thanks
He's flirting
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Guys, what does it mean when a guy does this?
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