My boyfriend looks at other girls?

My boyfriend constantly looks at other women. It's annoying and sometimes, embarassing. Like, I go to the gym with my boyfriend and he's checking out other girls? That's embarassing.
In the beginning of our relationship it was bad. He would do double takes at girls on the street with me and make comments about women on tv drooling over how beautiful they are right infront of me which I found to be insensitive and disrespectful.
He once made a comment about "using me until he found someone better". So I'm always thinking, he's looking for someone better.
He says I'm over reacting but it bothers me that he has wandering eyes and makes me feel like he could cheat.
Am I overreacting?
Are all men like this?
It's normal for you to feel disrespected
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My boyfriend looks at other girls?
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