What the fuck happened to men?

Warning: rant ahead

mainly I'm talking about this incel/mgtow/meninist bullshit. Have some men always been this pathetic and i just never noticed? Or did some guys in the last 5 year's look at millennial femnazis and say "we can be that stupid too!"

Help me understand what happened guys because all I'm seeing is a whole lot of whiny bitches with social disorders. It's not just emo teens either I'm talking about 30 year olds, grown ass men that cry over getting rejected and are so insecure about their dicks that they ruin the mood every fucking time.

And the other side of the coin isn't much better, when guys these days aren't absolute hypersensitive bitches they're downright sociopathic. They go from one extreme to other and act so cold and egotistical that they ruin the mood just as easily.

Just 5 years ago it seems like both these kinds of guys were rare, just something all the normal people made memes of and ridiculed. Now Theyre everywhere. What happened?
What the fuck happened to men?
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