What is wrong with him?

So my guyfriend would play hot and cold and I will ask him why is he being distant and he would asked if I wanted to be more than friends. I think he knew I had a little crush but I moved on from that.
He started saying I shouldn't suppress my feelings because I will get sick (he told me this five times and told me he was going to force it out of me) than he asked if I took meds and that I need to do meditation.
Than a week later he dropped me off home and before I got out the car he reached out to hold my hand. (I was confused) than he kissed me.
So this is not making any sense, first he was questioning me, making it seem like im crazy and now he does this. Im confused. What do taking pills, meditation, and suppression has anything to do with our friendship?
What is wrong with him?
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