Friendliness Vs Flirtation In A Professional Setting... How To Tell The Difference?

A professional setting as in work or at a shop you go to as a customer. I'm asking because I frequently go to a place and a guy I’m crushing on is at the front taking orders. And he always seems kinda flirty with me. But IM NOT SURE, I’m not good at telling when a guy is flirting or just being friendly. So I always assume they’re just being friendly. I always want to go back and ask him out, but I can't tell if maybe he is just being that way since it's part of his job or who he is in general. His fellow coworkers are never nearly as friendly to me, they sometimes don’t even look at me while taking my order Lol.
He will compliment me if I’m alone
he will ask random questions
He tried asking me where I work. He tried it, by asking if I still worked close to where he does when he KNOWS I don’t.
One time while he was on his lunch break he saw me get in line to get a drink refill and he got up to refill my drink himself.
He stares at me and maintains eye contact or will glance at me and look away quickly.
When he takes my order he stares at my face/eyes like he’s looking for my soul deep within my eyes lol
If I walk by his shop, he’ll look at me, look down at floor than back up at me and will make wait till we make eye contact and he’ll give me small smiles.
He gives me small smiles whenever we see each other.
And if he’s off, and we happen to be at the same place he’ll go out of his way to walk in front of me or walk right by me.
His coworker acts kinda funny when I’m in line. He’ll keep looking between me and my crush.
And I’ve tried watching him how he is with other girls but he just takes their order and on the next. He is super polite with everybody though.
I once tried glancing at this random guy behind me in line, and when I looked at my crush he was red in the face and rolled his eyes. Lol
Friendliness Vs Flirtation In A Professional Setting... How To Tell The Difference?
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