Why is my boyfriend sabotaging the relationship?

My boyfriend is trapped in this sucky cycle. He keeps playing these relationship 'tests' on me and regardless of the outcome he's pissed. If I don't do what he thinks is the 'right' answer to the test, he freaks out because I'm NOT 'committed' to him and he starts acting jealous and insecure all the time. We wind up having fights because of his bad boyfriend behavior. If do what he thinks I should in these tests, he thinks it means I'm 'committed' to him, which makes him hate himself for not being enough and then thinks that if he's not 'perfect' I'll ditch him. He winds up telling me all these unnecessary lies, then we have a fight because he's not being honest. Regardless of what I do or say he keeps saying that he can't make me happy...

I don't get it. His friends say that he's been the happiest they've ever seen him with me. They keep telling me how important I am to him and how head over heels he is for me. They say he acts like an emotionless robot to them - but around me, he's nearly in hysterics. He keeps saying that he's too scared he's going to screw up to meet people who are important to me or be with me when I need emotional support.

Why is he acting this way?
Why is my boyfriend sabotaging the relationship?
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