Am I making myself look like a fool?

So I’m really attractive to this guy, we’ve known each other for years but never hung out, been close etc! Last month he reached out to me via Facebook DM, it was my birthday and he sent me a message, (could have just posted it on my wall) I said thanks thinking that would be it, but he started messaging me and being flirty and suggestive.

After that I didn’t hear from him in over a week so I reached out and sent a message which he reciprocated, but didn’t give me the feeling he was interested so I left him on read (I know! I know!) I then saw him a few days after when I was in my car and he full on checked me out, lifting down his sunglasses and smiled and waved at me. Which confused me as his message didn’t seem keen (the meaning of his text was fine but the delivery was cold)

I've left it to see if he’s reached out to me and he hasn’t, it’s been two weeks! I sent him a message last night, but no response yet. Am I being foolish to think he’s interested in me? I really struggle with putting myself out there and can sometimes come across to guys as uninterested or cold, but I don’t want to come across clingy, needy or desperate. Can someone help me out here?
1 y
I also saw him yesterday again, and he’s always the first to smile and wave hello!
Am I making myself look like a fool?
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