Is this guy jealous of my guy friend?

I wrote to the guy I was talking to for months yesterday. We have not spoken for around 4 months, since he has seen me with my guy friend. Prior to this he has invited me to a party (I though he was joking - reason in previous questions) so I laughed, and asked my friend to go with me. The other guy didn’t go at all.
So now I was in his town so I just said I thought of him as I was passing his place. He immediately replied, saying he’s glad I did not call (and to excuse his sarcasm). I joked saying yeah, luckily cause you probably waren’t at home. He told me his whole schedule to let me know he was at home. I just laughed. He proceeded to invite me to this event in a few days, and I said I didn’t know whether that’d be a good idea because I didn’t know anybody and although I always enjoyed the event, wouldn’t want to invite myself. He said he was inviting me and that that’s what he’d tell everybody. I said thank you, and that I’ll think about it. Then I joked more and said if this is how he’d asked me to go to the party, I’d have gone with him. Then he joked and said he would have if he knew he really had a chance. I said it’s why I had to ask other people to go with me (referring to the friend), and which point he got sort of salty.

All of a sudden he says, well, both of you can come to the event, you’re both invited, then jokingly adds, I’ll try to handle it somehow... to which I said who? me myself and I? and he says well, if you are referring to him like that? ... Which i found strange, because he was the one mentioning him more. Was he jealous or what?

I said no, I thought you and I were still dating so I’ve been single for over a year now. And he goes wow I had not hoped for that anymore (obviously, not being serious at all)

He went offline and we have not spoken again. I don’t know what his deal is. He liked me before and now is just plain ignoring me? Is he jealous or what?
Is this guy jealous of my guy friend?
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