My fuck buddy wants to take me home?

I (22F) met a guy (23M) on a dating app and hooked up with him 3 times.

He’s now back in home (2 hours of train away). Yesterday he asked if I am willing to visit him for a weekend, he will let me stay at his home and pay for the transportation. He also added I could visit him next year when he moved to another city.

The problem is he lives with his parents. He said they might be away, and they wouldn’t mind even if they’re not away.

Isn’t it weird if I stay at his while his parents are there? Even if his parents are away, this whole thing still seems a bit weird to me, pay me for a visit and let me stay at his? For sex? Or does he want something more?

Here’s also a question for guys, would you take your fuck buddy home?
My fuck buddy wants to take me home?
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