Why do guys still make fun of short girls?

First off im 5ft1
So yes im short but I've seen heaps of shorter girls than me

Anyway there's this guy I met online
On my profile it says "im 5ft1"
We decided to meet for coffee after work
And then it was a short date because he was awkward and I wasn't interested

And then after the date he messaged me saying "wow you're short. I expected u to be taller"
And then he was being all rude saying "hahaha ur so short, like a midget"
And then I go "theres heaps of other shorter girls and some of my friends are short like me too, theyre between 5ft to 5ft4, and im a girl so i can be short and get away with it, some guys like short girls"
He was short for a guy anyway he was below 6ft
So I don't know why he was being all rude and shit

Why do guys make fun of short girls?
I've heard some guys love short girls coz they think theyre cute and feel more dominant

Two of my exes were 6ft2 and 6ft4
And they liked me because I was short and cute
So im confused
Why do guys still make fun of short girls?
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