I don't like it when he does that to me?

My guy bestfriend and I were talking over the phone today morning and while I was talking, I noticed that he was texting someone and scrolling through Instagram WHILST speaking with me over the phone. But I completely devoted my time to him and I never texted anybody or scroll through Instagram, like he did.

Why did he do that? Does it mean that he wasn't interested or that I was talking about something which was boring for him? by the way he likes to talk with me over the phone, he calls me everyday.

And when I'm with him in college, we would be sitting alone side by side on top of the wall and I would try to ask how was his day and all and when I would look over him, I'd see him having his phone in his hand and scrolling through Instagram.

It personally offends me and it makes me feel like I'm boring as a person. Should I confront to him about this and tell him not to do that or should I adjust to it?
I don't like it when he does that to me?
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