He's mad at me, is it over?

He used to ignore me and I stopped talking to him due to that. Then all of a sudden he began saying hello to me. But would walk away after saying hello.
2 weeks ago, he saw me coming and followed me and started whistling loudly and I saw him looking at me. The next day he was really soft towards me and said hello and I responded back but didn't talk further. I saw him looking at me and he was also looking back to see if I was behind him, which I was.

After that his attitude changed. He gave me an annoyed look and even though he would nod at me, he looked pissed.

He started looking away when he saw me and When I went to talk to him for clarifying the situation, he was rude and was being mean to me but I talked with him normally even though he was bluntly responding and being rude.
I told him I still need to tell him something and he said he would like to hear it but the way he talked, he sounded passive aggressive.

The next day he was warm when he saw me and did say hello and how are you doing but said he's rushing to meet some worker.
Its been 4 days and though he works 4 days a week at a different place (comes here for lunch or meeting friends, relaxing) he isn't making efforts to talk to me :(

Why is he acting like this? Do I still have a chance or its all over? If he was still mad then why did he still ssy hi etc?
He's mad at me, is it over?
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