Why do him and his friends stare at me?

There was this guy I was talking to nearly everyday last year (2017) for a month or two but then it kind of cut off for some reasons.

I knew this guy from my school told me about him before and I thought I would never see him. BOOOIIII WAS I WRONG

the school year was just starting and I haven't seen him yet... then on Valentine's Day I saw him, he saw me blah blah blah.

We haven't spoken a single word to each other.

We then had sports day and I was walking around the field when I heard

"hey go to your wife oi"
At this point I was really uncomfortable and walked faster.

And at this point now since we haven't talked
I thought "oh he must not like me " but HE KEEPS STARING SO DO HIS FRIENDS. I was in math and he got sent to my class for Miss behaving in class. He came with a friend of course.

There were only two open seats, one at the back of the classroom and the other on my table. his friend said that he'll sit on my table but he said that he WANTS to sit here and what made it worse was he was facing me. I just kept staring at my paper or out the window to avoid him because I was just honestly getting annoying at seeing him nearly everyday.

My friend that was on the same table said that he was looking at me when I was looking out the window.

Another time I was walking to my friends who were by the bathroom and he so happens to be there, as we were talking I could feel his stare.

My friends just finds what ever is happening funny 😒

There is more to this situation this is only half of it tbh

What should I do?

Why do him and his friends stare at me?
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