Is He Using Me?

I love the food from a popcorn kiosk at the food court at my local mall so I try and go once a week mostly on weekends. There’s this cute guy that works there and we always steal glances at each other and I catch him looking at me a lot when he thinks I’m not looking... even if I don’t buy from his job.

Well when he does take my order I order a small drink and a popcorn and he says “would you like to make that a large for 20cents more” so I’m like sure.
Other times he just hands me two popcorns when I just ordered one. And this other time I ordered small drink and popcorn and he handed me a popcorn and a LARGE drink. And a few days ago a random girl was taking my order and he kept glancing back at me and as I was leaving he called me to go back and leaned over the counter really close to me and said smiling “I’m gonna start giving you a 10% discount since you come here a lot” and all his co workers were smiling. So my question is he using me to make his sales and is he upselling me? Or is he being nice/flirty?
Is He Using Me?
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