Is it a good sign for him to unblock me?

I like the guy, he knows it. Before we fucked he told me I couldn’t get attached. But jnviously i did, we fucked more then twice. We bounded so much afterwards.
He used to say “love you” but then he would say it more often and send me dumb heat emojis.
He will even call me at night to let me know what has been. Going on with his life and job related issues.

One day I was so emotionally unstable, I sent him a long message telling him to leave me alone, to not talk too me blah blah. That I need to get over my feelings for him.
After a week or so, I realized I did bad and I msged him apologizing. Then I realized he had blocked me.
A few days later I saw him in person. He talked too me first then I asked if he was still mad at me and he said “I was never mad at you”.
If he wasn’t mad at me why would he block me?

Before we saw each other, I had sent him a text apologizing, telling him I didn’t want to lose our friendship that if he accepts my apology for him to please send me a song to listen too.
Well that afternoon the day I saw him. He has text me and did unblocked me and sent me a song.

So last week I sent him two songs for him to listen too. And he never replied back so I sent him a text saying
“If you want me to stop texting you and leave you alone just tell me”.
I sent him that because I felt like I was annoying him.

So he replied back with
“Stop worrying I just haven’t gotten back with u yet”.

What shall I do or think about his last text? It’s been almost a week since he sent that and nothing more he hasn’t texted me at all. 😔
1 y
Way before we even had sex. He knew I get depression and anxiety attacks.
And he will always try to make me feel better like laughing and what not.

But that day I couldn’t take it because I was all confused and all over regarding in what he really wants from me. Because he told me not to get attached if we ever ha sex. But yet he was the one that said we are so similar and would call me in the middle of the night to let me know what has been going on with him and his job. If that makes sense.
Is it a good sign for him to unblock me?
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