Help, is he taking it slow or not interested?

We met through OkC and he set up a date almost instantly. He was upfront before we went out about wanting to start friends. He initiated and texted a lot, good morning and good night texts. We spent Saturday, Monday, and Wednesday together with nothing physical happening. He initiated all the dates. Then Thursday he came over to watch a movie and ended up spending the night, making out, and a bit more. We were together Thursday night until Sunday morning.

Saturday night we had gone camping and it brought up memories of his ex. He admitted even though it'd been two years he wasn't sure he was over her and started kinda freaking out about a relationship. I found out no other girl since the ex lasted more than one date and that it took him three years to ask the ex out to start with. He said he thought it'd be different with me so tried again. I calmed him down by saying just enjoy spending time together and we'll see where it goes. He left Sunday morning with a kiss and saying we'd take it slow.

Since we have gone back to no touching, except good-bye hugs. Texting has gone down to one convo a day. He still finds excuses to spend more time with me when he comes over and does stuff like asking me to go grocery shopping with him. But then also says stuff like "I'm not in the courting phase right now, just hanging out." We've been seeing each other about three weeks now so it is still pretty new but I don't know if I've been friend zoned or if he really is just going slow now to not mess it up.
Help, is he taking it slow or not interested?
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