Why some guys do not want to admit when they are attracted to a lady?

Instead they act with indifference like they do no tlike the lady and treat her indifferently like if they dont like them but someway they are attracted only they dont tell or confess.

I dont get it. For instance there is this guy I had liked since I met him for 3 years, let me be very clear we are not in a relationship and neither we are a couple or bf/gf, we are lets say friends and that is how he has treated me so far even if we "as friends" had gone out on dates only twice and at the end of each date there has been a make out session because we both had wanted to kiss, especially him to me. Lets say also we have a little but if of the "hots" to each other. We do not date like a couple as like I said we are not in a relationship but even as friends we dont hang out like friends do either, only those 2 times I had mentioned in a course of 3 years but we had bump into each other in other 4 different occasions in those 3 years period, but those 4 times had not been in real dates but in events where other people had been present, like family get togethers so we had mingle hours in those other different events but as dates dates only 2 times the ones I mention. In the other 4 times the guy and I he always like to tease me and in one of those 4 times he gave me a french kiss.

Now for some reason he had never wanted to admit he is attracted to me but he knows Im attracted to him because I have told him so, but from my own mouth he has never told me like "im very attracted to you lets continue seeing each other". He never had done that. I dont know if the reason is because he does not want to develop a relationship with me, because he told me that once. He does not want to develop a relationship only to be friends. In his future plans are no marriage or kids. He knows in my plans are no marriage either.
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So why he acts so weird at times like he is indifferent or ignores me for a loong time, but other times he acts like he does want to hang out with me and agree when I text him first to arrange to go out again? I mean Im always the one who text him first to start a conversations and he always responds.,

Is it this more of a woman or a man thing?
Why some guys do not want to admit when they are attracted to a lady?
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