Some one I thought was a friend blocked me on instagram?

So I've been friends with this guy and at the time I considered him one of my closer friends since we hung out with a group pretty much every day. He's invited me to hang out at the park with our friends. When I asked for his Instagram he didn't really say anything but my friend gave me his Instagram while he was there. When I searched it it didn't come up (I didn't think much of it) so she gave me his spam account. I followed him there and the reason I wanted to follow him was so that our group of friends could keep hanging out. He followed me back and started messaging me and I would message back. We liked each others stuff and did things that friends did.
I found out recently that he blocked me on his main account. I'm just confused as to why he would do that. I thought that we were friends but I guess there's a reason as to why he blocked me. I was just wondering if I should ask him and what your guys opinions were. I'm really curious because if I make him uncomfortable then I would want to give him space. Again, I consider him one of my closer friends and he's really cool to hang out with. I just feel uncomfortable knowing that there's something about me he doesn't like to the point that he didn't want to see me on Instagram.
Some one I thought was a friend blocked me on instagram?
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