Is this guy into me or not? Not heard from him in 2 days?

This is a classic question and I should know better, but here goes.

Met a guy on a dating app and we hit it off right away. We texted a lot, had lots of inside jokes already and lot of fun etc.

He texted me a day after and asked me out this same week. I couldn't this week so I suggested next week. He said that works and asked me to let him know when and he'd put it in his schedule.

Then we kept texting again for a few days, and again had amazing conversations. We have lots in common. He said things like "we should do this and that at some point" and "This is great, I hope we like each other irl" and "I love it (the conversation)" etc. We ended it Friday at noon. When he said he loved the convo, I said me too and he replied with a smiley.

Now I haven't heard from him for 2,5 days. I haven't contacted him either. Did I read the signs wrong? Should I be worried? Am I reading too much into it? Did we text too much?
1 y
To be clear, I haven't texted him either. Its not like he hasn't replied to me. Its that he hasn't contacted me.
1 y
Also, he always replied right away and wrote long engaging texts etc. Trying to keep the convo going
Is this guy into me or not? Not heard from him in 2 days?
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