Any chance he might be gay?

He compliments me... Example “mmm you smell really good”.
He stares/glances. Stares from far away in a sneaky way.
He asks random questions... Like where do I work.
He starts conversations he doesn’t have to.
Small shy smiles
Makes eye contact... ALOT!
And he gives me discounts whenever I visit his job... He gives me the employee discount... &he knows I don’t work there lol.
He goes out of his way to walk by me or just be in my line of vision
Only reason I’m asking this is because i NEVER catch him looking at my body. But he stares at my face a lot. And I’m not even that pretty for him to only look at my face lol.
I mean I’m curvy but I do work out everyday. Other guys have no problem checking me out and they let me catch them too! One of my friends says that means he’s actually into me and my other friend jokingly said he might be gay , which got me thinking.
Any chance he might be gay?
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