Guys, would you say he is quite into me?

A guy that I've been speaking to for over 2 months but have yet to meet due to life always getting in the way. He's been quite persistent is asking me out although I have been demonstrating flaky behaviour for the past few occasions.

I then told him that it's because I will be going away to take on a project for work and that is why things keep piling up. It was obvious he believed I was moving away permanently - he expressed disappointment as he took a while to reply and his text sounded very wistful.

When I told him it's for 2months, his tone became much more lighthearted and said that is quite short and that I will enjoy myself. I said I'd attempt to meet him before I go but my current schedule is quite impossible. He then told me to let him know at this point in time when we could see each other, whether it be 2 months more or less. That conversation felt like he was telling me he will wait around for me?

I also have the feeling that this guy really likes me, all things considering (my flakiness on dates, my going away and him wanting to meet when I am back). Or is this normal behaviour for guys who are just somewhat interested in a girl?
He is quite into you, seems to be going to a bit of trouble to keep the window open
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Most guys who are somewhat interested will act this way
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Guys, would you say he is quite into me?
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