Are we dating? Should I ask him?

I met this guy online. We talked for a month, everyday despite our busy schedules. We were supposed to meet soon but I was busy. He was nice and was okay! Finally, I was free and we met for dinner, it was good! After the first date, he told me that I was a cool girl! He told me a lot about himself and his past relationships etc. We continued talking everyday. He initiated for another date! This was the 2nd date, we had a few drinks by the river and spent hours chilling, talking about life and personal stuff. Tbh, he wasnโ€™t all that touchy on the first date. On this 2nd date, he started asking sex with my exes lol. Also, he asked why do I not have a boyfriend as he finds me pretty, cute and good? He asked whether am I looking for a boyfriend? And I asked whether is he looking for one? He said yeah why not! Also, he asked whether on the first date with him did I ever thought of expecting him to bring me home? I said no. He told me that if he brings a girl home, it is a NEXT LEVEL thing. No idea what he means? After hours of chilling, we decide to head home but I was hungry. So, he suggested that I go over his place and he will cook for me food! Yeah he did. And little did I expected, on the way back to his place.. he told me that heโ€™s gonna cuddle me all night long. I kept quiet. He thought that I was gonna stay at his place lol. But in the end i did stayed but till 10am? We were on the same bed and we started cuddling and kissing. He kept saying I was sweet and cute. It was morning already, I gotta be home and he send me down. We talked everyday and met up for dinner. After, we went to his home to watch a series and we cuddled again. But he was sad that I gotta leave.. so while we are on our way to sending me home, I actually grabbed his arms and started holding onto it. He held my hands instead like a couple in public. It was cute! We parted, with kisses and a hug. It was funny when we did that act, he said SUPER SWEET GIRL. I have no idea why did he say that? ๐Ÿ˜‚
1 y
I have no idea! If all he wants is my body, I rather not contact him! BUT, we always out to do cool activities. Should I even ask whether are we dating? Because the things we do is equivalent to a couple dating? What do you think?
Are we dating? Should I ask him?
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