What do you think he's thinking?

My 19-year-old male colleague has suddenly become cold towards me, avoiding me and speaking to me harshly. Until this most recent shift he usually chatted with me cheerfully and sat near me during breaks and I enjoyed it.

The background is that he himself told me about rumours that he liked me (he brought this up two or three times, once like "I don't know why *** thinks I like you"), and that I liked him. He never confirmed nor denied his feelings, however I brushed it off by jokingly answering "Your life would be better." in response to the rumour about me liking him. He looked like he was trying to laugh to mask disappointment. I did realise that he probably wouldn't want to approach the subject of these rumours with me if they were totally baseless.

I mentioned to him once incidentally in conversation that I am into to a certain type of guy of which he happens not to be and he grew moody after that, but after that he was back to normal. He apparently mentioned my comment to one person who thinks he likes me. I am attracted to him and think he's a fun guy, but there are several reasons why we are incompatible. Another colleague asked me if I would go on a date with him and I told her some reasons and said no. I’m wondering if he heard that or was told by someone.

I'm a little hurt and want things to go back to the way they were before.

There are more details to indicate that he likes me but I didn't want to make this any longer.

Anyway, what do you think he's thinking, and what do you think I should do from here?
What do you think he's thinking?
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