Boyfriend broke up with me out of the blue. why?

About 2.5 months ago my boyfriend of 4 years had broken up with me over the phone. What I thought was a perfect relationship apparently was not as he had began to distance himself for 2 months prior to the break up. He claimed he was dealing with stuff at home and was too busy at work but later i realized those were all excuses. I felt him distance from me and I got no straight answers as to why. When he called him to comfront him he admitted he lied to me when he said he missed me and wasn't sure if he was happy with me and proceeded to be an asshole over the phone. a week prior to our break up he even asked for a break, which i gave him, and after a day of the "break" he called back to tell me he missed me, and loved me and he the break was over.

I guess im just confused because for all 4 years of relationship , even prior to us breaking up was us talking about marriage and our future. I feel like he either met someone new or someone (maybe a family member) but something in his head.

His friends and sister were all shocked and did not know what happened and even texted me to apologize.

I am trying to give myself closure now but id love some insight on what you think went wrong.
Boyfriend broke up with me out of the blue. why?
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