Guys are afraid of my brother?

It starting to get on my nerves. Im 19. Never had a boyfriend. We live in a small city (about 25000 people) but all young people are somehow connected through friends of friends'. Basically, everyone knows everyone at some point.

My brother and his friends have bad guys reputation. My brother used to tell to everyone that no guy in this city is good enough to date me and he won't let "these losers" to talk to me...

Im completely opposite of my brother. Lets say that people know me as a good girl with high grades and so on.

When I meet a guy, we start to talk, everything goes pretty well... He asks for my facebook. And here we go. I tell him my lastname. And he freaks out. IT HAPPENED 4 TIMES. Im so sick of that. I dont want to be single for the rest of my life.

How to tell my brother to chill out? How to tell guys that my brother actually isn't that bad and he is just overprotective?
Guys are afraid of my brother?
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