Getting super fking annoyed at my boyfriends constant complaining, is this emotional abuse?

the past couple of days my boyfriend has been complaining about amost everything. it's doing my fking head in. he complains if i answer a question not to his liking or to his opinion. he complains when i want some time to myself, says things like "we can do them together, i don't get any me time even if i'm away from you" he asks me to find a movie/tv show and complains if i want to share a tv show/movie that i am into. just like i have got into some of his.
he complained when he read blackcurrant as blackberry and i corrected him politely and said "don't matter they are the same to me". he complains because i don't want to go out because i am depressed and he does. i tell him he can go out but he complains he likes doing things with me. he complained that i wanted to save the last choc ice for myself in a pack of 4, when i was the one who bought it.
he acts like i am stupid in just the way he speaks to me. when he is complaining i HAVE to listen and if i don't respond the way he likes he grills my head in on the subject. and if i have a question instead of listening he will repeat himself like a fking idiot.

i am honestly at my wits end with his behaviour. sure.. he's lovely and does treat me right. but this constant walking on eggshells or feeling inadequate because he can't control his inner child is getting to be a turn off.

why would a guy act this way i really don't get it.. he is going through something right now but i'm the only one fking here for him.. all of his friends are treating him different.
it's really bringing me down. i have not got out of bed for a month because i'm too depressed to deal with anything. i have my head constantly drilled by this guy if one little trigger blows. and that's the thing.. besides all that he treats me like a princess. honest.
he used to communicate better... now he just runs his mouth without giving me much a chance.
can someone please tell me what i need to do.. or.. just some advice. =(
Getting super fking annoyed at my boyfriends constant complaining, is this emotional abuse?
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