Ugh! Jealousy!! Does he still like me?

So I have a co-worker who I thought/think is totally into me... but given our positions at work it seems too complicated to move forward with. He recently started to spend a lot of time with a fellow coworker. And now I am super jealous and don't want to be. She is a super nice, beautiful smart girl and I am soooo anti mean girl but haven't been able to help myself!!! I can't say for certain that he is into her... but I mean why wouldn't he be! She is thinner than I am... wears the super tight and short dresses... which I do NOT and she tossles her hair and is always super simley and flirty!

How can I get past my own insecurities and jealousy!!!

And how do I know if he's really into her?
Ugh! Jealousy!! Does he still like me?
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