What do I do now?

He’s 53. I’m 45

We’ve had two breakups in a year and a half. This time about month ago I did no contact. The last time was for a few months and he came to me. Thursday night he came over at midnight after drinking and professing his love and wanting us to be togethter. Crying asking me to forgive him. Telling us it’s me he wants. We talked until 3:30 am. He stayed the night. We went out to lunch together he left at 3:30p.

That night about 10pm I text him how’s your head?

Saturday morning he text Headache’s ok... I just have too much shit going on in it...😬

We saw each other Saturday night at his place for 2 hours watching tv, him
Asking me to run his back. He asked if I was going to church Sunday, I said ya. He said if he was up he would. When I left we kissed and he said we’ll talk tomorrow and go eat at docs.

Sunday I text about 10a
Hey are you still snoozing?

He replied at 1230
No, I’m up. Taking care of things at home. Enjoying some peacefulness. Not feeling like “company” today, just trying to sort things out, I’d appreciate some time to do that. Thanks.

He shuts down when he’s stressed he said this the other night

I didn’t respond. I haven’t heard anything else

What do I say?

I was thinking
Hey babe, I know you’ve got a lot of your plate
What do I do now?
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