"I want YOU... but... slowly... ' What does that mean?

OK if it were me. I would probably mean something like ' I want to be with him but take things slow, maybe be friends for a while first, or just date and go real slow... '

But i'm not him he's not me, and i do not want to assume. He was pretty nervous and unsure when saying that, so I do not really want to force him to break things down it atm. I might ask him about it in a while from now.

Do you think is it just a way of saying back off?

Should I leave him alone, or ask about it in a few weeks?

Things have been confusing between us, timing really bad. He asked me out and (things happening over the year and a half, i have not been perfect nor he but trying and it is too long to explain but it was frustrating and finally I was not sure if he was playing games) I finally just got tired of mixed messages and asked him what he wanted.

by the way, I am happy to take things slow be friends etc. So this is not a problem for me and I have no need to pressure I just want to understand, it is confusing.
Probably close to what you would mean. You can bring it uo if he does not.
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Could be he just wants to do things in his own time. Leave him alone.
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"I want YOU... but... slowly... ' What does that mean?
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