'Testing' in relationships?

I was with this man for about 8 months last year. He basically ignored me (romantically) for half a year, but I still wanted to be his friend and he wanted to as well. To sum up, he rejected me.
I have to say, that It was my first real relationship with someone, and the first time I ever fell in love with someone.
I grew exhausted at some point last month, and confessed everything to him, but also I told him that I won't keep in contact with him because of they way I felt for him, but I tried to end in very good terms.
Next day he called me. And oh boy, would you believe this?
He basically confessed that he was waiting to see if I would be like his others exes. How different I turned out to be, how amazing I was for not giving up on him, that he wanted to keep seeing me and so on...
The thing is, our relationship/friendship has deteriorated, very much indeed. Also, I was quite surprised that he was 'testing' me. Do not get me wrong, as I have no prob with that since we all have our baggage and reticence, but he went quite far with it (he knows I have zero experience on that department)
So, not knowing how this whole thing of relationships work, I'll appreciate a bit of insight into this. Do you guys usually 'test'?
The man put me through a bit of a hell and I don't know now If I will be able to put up with how he wants to try things again...
Do you guys usually try this 'testing' if you've had bad experiences before?
'Testing' in relationships?
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