Why’d he stop kissing me?

I had major abdominal surgery yesterday morning and he picked me up after, did my errands and brought me home. He paid for my prescription but when he left, he didn’t kiss me goodbye like usual. He came back later with more meds, some food and some snacks and this time just blew me a kiss and said to “fix myself up” (I wasn’t allowed makeup for my surgery).

He always kisses me goodbye and good night.

Tonight he got mad at me because I said I was going out to do my laundry. I’m supposed to be in bed rest except to eat and use the bathroom. He came to my house and took my laundry to do himself, but also brought freezies for my kids. Called me a meat head for not following doctors orders. He said anything I need, tell him and he’ll do it for me, go grab it for me, but stay in bed and recover. Before he left, he kissed me on the forehead but not the lips as usual.

What changed? Or am I reading into it too much?
Why’d he stop kissing me?
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