Girls, does this guy secretly like my son?

Okay my name is Nicki Parker and there’s this guy named dawn who works at my sons barber shop soo dawn
Be staring at my son occasionally asking him questions
Like what school u attend what grade u are in and how tall he is and how old he is and whenever my son gets a haircut he will literally stare at him randomly start conversations with him out of the blue My son is a attractive male and my son never talked to this guy before I don’t have a issue with it I’m curious does he like my son or secretly like my son I watched the interactions he has with my son and he will stare at my son and my son will close his eyes for a second he will stare at him Still this guy claims he has two daughters and he’s married but why would he act like this with my son I wonder does he like my son this guy seems like he’s in the 30s or late 40s age range what do y’all think?
Girls, does this guy secretly like my son?
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