Why do guys hit you up, then block you?

So my ex hit me up in FB messenger, after 3 years of no contact. He called, video called, waved, texted, so eventually I waved back. When I asked what's up he said he just wanted to say hi and then like 2 days later he blocked me. First of all I'm no rocket scientist, but I know he was trying to do more than just say hi. But why block me? Like as if I hit him up first. Guys are weird AF! Why would he just randomly do that?
1 y
So a week went by and he unblocked me and now he wants to see me he even video called me and I had no idea that if your messenger is open the call automatically goes through so we talked... he has a girlfriend. I don't want any parts of this. He said he misses me and messed up something good etc. Should I just block him?
Why do guys hit you up, then block you?
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