Will he finally understand?

Last year, I was told that he left and he wouldn't come back by a person who knew him. I was so broken on hearing this. This year, I left but I told our only mutual friend to tell him that I said goodbye and take care. Our friend told him that.

Isn't it ironic that our the roles reversed? Also he kept treating me in the worst ways possible and didn't even give me the opportunity to clear things out. But I still love him and the thought of going away from him crushed me for the 2nd time

I may return but may not. But will he understand my worth and my value after my departure? That I cared genuinely and felt for him?

Out of his ego and shady tricks, I received the worst treatment like rudely talking, acting as if I dont exist, taking revenge for no reason (he used to treat me like a convenience so I stopped interacting but still he took revenge) .

Will this message that our friend gave, bring some change? That for all he did, I still cared enough to say goodbye and take care?
Will he finally understand?
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