What are your thoughts on this please?

There's this guy that I've known for so long. We have like an on and off "friendship".

I appreciate him taking his time to answer my queries (about anything and everything under sun) despite being a busy guy. However, I just notice that while he takes the time to answer me, he rarely asks me about "me". So it's like it's mostly a one way street here.

Sometimes I ask him whether he gets annoyed by my questions lol and he says no, he welcomes them. However, this just got me thinking: what does he consider me in his life? Am I just like, an amusement sorta "friend" for him? Cos clearly, he doesn't take interest in me as much as I take interest in him.

So there. It's the guy I just want to cut my communication from.

Any thoughts? I'm thinking that not because a guy take his time to turn his attention to you means he likes you, as friend or otherwise.
What are your thoughts on this please?
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