Is my ugliness/unattractiveness a cause for this?

During the semester breaks (which is about a month long before the next semester starts) I started talking with a bunch of guys that I haven't met personally, but they were in the same college as I am and they were a year and two years older than me.

In the beginning, they talk a lot and flirt with me (a lot). By talk a lot, I mean they text me every fucking day and the replies are instant. But now after college has reopened, some of them saw me for the first time and now all that flirting is gone. One called me 'sister' but continued chatting with me with the same speed like usual. One of them started talking less but he did text me once in a while and didn't ignore me. And one guy just literally cut me off from his life and unfollowed me on Instagram.

All of these three guys liked the way I talked and my humor and my personality and character. So why the fuck couldn't they see me past my outer appearance?

And it wasn't like I flirted back with them. I talked with them like they were a good friend to me and nothing more.

And yeah I wouldn't say I'm pretty as hell but I wouldn't say that I'm ugly either. I'm kinda in the middle and quite leaning toward the ugly side (which doesn't mean I'm ugly as fuck right)? I'm somewhat lookable.
Is my ugliness/unattractiveness a cause for this?
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